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interior view of the aricraft mockup

Demonstration flight with the LF7

February 2021: Everybody at Le Grand Set team is busy preparing the LF7 for its first official flight.

Shooting this teaser involves a complex flight plan, designed to showcase the full technical potential of the LF7 aircraft interior.

A mixed format film, both a trailer and a making-of

For this first demonstration, the LF7 team had a twofold aim: to clearly present the technical possibilities of the LF7, and to illustrate the benefits of these technical resources for both image quality and scriptwriting.

To address this twofold challenge, director Jonathan Vuille decided to combine the dramatic intensity of a trailer with the technical appeal of a making-of in a single film. Making this original film with its hybrid format involved addressing the subject from a dual perspective and with a dual technical team.

  • LF7: cabin service
  • LF7 : crewrest
  • LF7 decor cabine business
  • LF7 eco cabin decor

A different configuration for each scene

By using a trailer format, the director was able to compile the largest possible number of scenes and to showcase the aircraft interior from all angles.

The set design team, led by Laurent Foulquier, was thereby able to validate the objectives set during the model design process. Each module was installed in turn in different configurations: business or economy class, galley, toilets, crew rest area, etc., with a fully functional mockup for each scene!

  • Making-of LF7: exterior view of the cabin
  • LF7 : making of, classe business
  • LF7 : making of, classe eco
  • LF7 : making-of, crewrest
  • Making-of LF7, traveling

A making-of to fully illustrate the modular design of the LF7

Each scene shot for the trailer was mirrored by the shooting of a making-of. In this way, the film illustrates the modularity of the LF7 in full:

  • The centre aisle of the cabin can be widened as needed to accommodate different types of equipment.
  • The ceiling can be removed to film overhead scenes using a drone or suspended camera.
  • The mockup also offers complete freedom in terms of lighting, with built-in LEDs to mimic changes in natural light.
  • The side walls of the luggage compartments can be removed to take highly original shots.

Naturally, many more possibilities remain to be explored: the LF7 mockup is designed to adapt to the needs of any shoot and is now ready to host the next productions!

  • LF7 demo film team
  • LF7 demonstration film: extras
  • Christophe Palisse, cinematographer | Jonathan Vuille, director

A complete technical team with exceptional extras!

Le Grand Set brought all its skills into play to make this film, in which all the team members embrace their role with enthusiasm.

Some technicians even switched to the other side of the camera to double as extras. It has to be said that there was a great atmosphere on board the LF7 and the extras had considerable fun. Le Grand Set would particularly like to thank Dorine and Elodie, the two air hostesses who played their role to perfection.