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Modular and customisable
aircraft interior mockup

Le Grand Set also offers a fully modular, customisable and mobile aircraft interior mockup.

Its different modules can be configured and customised to meet the requirements of your scenario.

A fully modular and customisable
aircraft mockup

The aircraft mockup of Le Grand Set has been designed to offer a wide range of possible configurations.

  • It includes a galley, crew rest area, toilet and cabin.

  • To further expand the range of possibilities, the overhead compartments and ceilings are removable.

  • The seats can be arranged in an economy or business layout, in one or more rows (up to 12 rows).

  • The cabin can be divided into 1 or 2 aisles.

  • All the parts are fully modular: the seats and roof can be removed for exceptional shots.

  • Our head designer will work with your crew to customise and accessorise the set to fit your scenario.

  • Our crew delivers a set that is ready to go.

Free yourself from technical constraints to boost the creativity of your storyboards and scenarios!

Configuration examples

Installing the mockup

Installation of the modules that make up the airplane decor
aircraft decoration positioning module
airplane modules moved with a pallet truck
fixing of the aircraft decor modules
verification of the alignment of the decoration with the laser for perfect plans
Installation of the removable ceiling
floor installation
View of the set being installed through the portholes
Installation of the first rows of seats
Installation of toilet and crewrest modules
Window cleaning
Exterior view of airplane set ready for filming
The business class version of the airplane


installation of filming equipment
Preparation for filming
handheld camera shoot
eco cabin airplane decor filming
crewrest scene shooting
crewrest scene shooting
filming with tracking rail inside the plane
airplane cabin interior plan
installation of the outdoor unit for shot filmed through the window
traveling trolley between the seats of the LF7 aircraft
rail exterior traveling plane
Business class airplane scene filming
Convertible airplane interior top shot
First take-off of the LF7 in flight

A full-size aircraft interior mock-up
in a soundproof studio

A professional film set

With Le Grand Set, take full advantage of the technical potential offered by a professional film studio to shoot scenes inside an aircraft. Your mockup is installed on a 500m² soundproof set with a 2-sided cyc wall of 20m x 25m x 7m in height under a motorised light truss. This gives you all the latitude necessary to position your cameras and technicians.

A ready-to-go mockup

Our crew will install the mockup and configure the studio to your requirements. Everything can be reconfigured quickly and easily when you change the direction of the camera. This ready-to-go mockup is simple and convenient to use, even when you have only a short scene to shoot.

All the comforts of a studio

At Le Grand Set, your crew will enjoy excellent working conditions. They will also be able to take advantage of all the facilities offered by our film set (dressing rooms, offices, relaxation and catering areas, etc.).

shot of soundproofed film set with aircraft mockup

500 m² studio

Soundproof, fully equipped

Full-size aircraft interior mock-up


Dressing rooms and offices

On the first floor

Truck access to the workshop and film set

On the ground floor

An aircraft mockup that can easily be moved to your own studio

Would you like to use our mockup in your own studio?

Le Grand Set provides a shipping service : we can move the modules to your shooting location, and we can also send a team of designers to install and configure the mockup.