Le Grand Set film studio
Skills and services

Located between the city of Toulouse and its airport, Le Grand Set is a studio dedicated to film and audiovisual creation.

We also provide customised production services for your dramas, TV series, commercials, video clips and corporate films.

Visual expertise
and experience in aerospace

Le Grand Set was founded by a team of skilled and enthusiastic professionals from Master Films, a key player in audiovisual production in the Toulouse region, with a long history in the local aerospace ecosystem.

Le Grand Set was designed to meet the needs of professional film makers with:

  • a large, fully equipped soundproof film studio,
  • customised film production services,
  • a full-size aircraft interior mockup.
Aero ambience window view
flight of a paper plane

This studio set, the only one of its kind in France or Europe, was directly inspired by our experience in producing films in an aerospace environment: our directors and camera operators know how complicated it is to shoot a film in the cramped cockpit of an aircraft, and they are familiar with all the technical constraints involved...

By freeing you from these constraints, we hope to inspire new projects and to encourage the production of more films in the aerospace environment. We are also developing partnerships with a view to involving local aerospace leaders in this project, particularly for the production of outdoor scenes.

A design workshop to meet your production requirements

Created for and by our head designer, the production workshop of Le Grand Set is fully equipped to build your sets.

The workshop is sized for the production of large objects. This is where we made our own mockup, and we also have all the tools necessary to produce accessories.

Our carpentry workshop and composite paint booth are both available for rental and can be used by your staff. Optional extras include the skill and creativity of our head designer and his team!

Production services at
Le Grand Set

Le Grand Set also provides services in executive production, along with all the skills and resources necessary to put together a film crew.

We also have solutions to your technical and material needs – please contact us.

  • casting
  • location scout
  • assistant director
  • script supervisor
  • unit manager
  • set design team
  • grips
  • head electrician
  • camera operator
  • sound operator
  • wardrobe
  • make-up
  • hair
  • costumes


Partners of Le Grand Set.