Soundproof and fully equipped
film studio

Located just 10 minutes from Toulouse-Blagnac airport Le Grand Set is a large film studio of 1,200m², laid out and equipped to produce films and series, as well as commercials or corporate productions.

Soundproof film set
2-sided cyc wall

The film set offers an area of 500m², completely isolated from the other sections of the building. The set was designed as a "box within a box" and soundproofed from floor to ceiling to allow for live sound recording.

  • Filming on the set of the Grand Set
  • Layout of the set for a live shoot
  • liveXperience shooting on the Grand 7 set in May 2020

    Technical characteristics
    of the film set

    • Dimensions 20m wide x 25m long x 7m high

    • 2-sided cyc wall
      20m x 25m

    • Motorised lighting truss
      15m x 15m

    • Truck access Special heavy duty floor with direct access for trucks

    Design, carpentry and
    paint workshop

    Located on the ground floor, near the film set, the design workshop lets you create and manufacture your own mockups on-site.

    Your crew can carry out carpentry work and use the composite paint booth independently.

    We can also place a team of professional designers at your disposal.

    Fully equipped film studio dressing rooms, catering area, production

    Le Grand Set provides you with all the facilities you need to make your film. Your crew will work in a 200m² area dedicated to production, with offices, meeting rooms, dressing rooms with a daylight make-up station and a styling area with fitting rooms, as well as a warm and comfortable rest area where you can take a break, have a coffee or share a meal.

    Do you need partial or full support services in executive production? Ask for the production services of Le Grand Set.

    Renting the film studio in practice

    Renting the film set fitted out with the aircraft mockup

    Our unique aircraft interior is the signature feature of the studio Le Grand Set. A wide range of configurations are available: our staff will help you to make your selection from the many customisation options and will oversee installation on the set.

    Renting the design workshop

    The design workshop is available for rental in its existing form. Your crew can use it before and/or during shooting, either independently or with the support of our head designer.

    Renting the bare film set with access to dressing rooms

    • Access to the film set
    • Access to the dressing rooms and production area
    • Insurance
    • Unlimited WiFi and fibre broadband access

    Film set with options

    A wide range of options are available including the supply of equipment : cherry picker, hoist, lighting grid.
    Please note that the use of this equipment requires the presence of our technical manager. They will be in charge of configuring the installations and making sure that they are used correctly. However, they will not in any way replace your own artistic director or lighting director.
    If you require additional skills to complete your film crew, Le Grand Set offers a range of customised options and services.